Best Hotels in Oxford: Top 5

Welcome to our comprehensive guide, your go-to resource for uncovering the finest hotels in Oxford and its surroundings. Embark on a journey with us as we meticulously explore the hospitality landscape in and around Oxford city. Our aim is to present a diverse selection of stylish and modern hotels that promise an exceptional stay in this vibrant city. So, buckle up and join us on this exploration to find the perfect accommodations for your memorable Oxford experience. Let the journey begin!

The Old Bank


First on our list is the stunning 5 star hotel The Old Bank, located in the centre of Oxford. Inside you will find a hotel of luxury, with a gorgeous design, modern rooms and exceptional views of Oxford city. The staff here are known to be super friendly and helpful, with top quality service from the start and finish of your stay. In addition, you can dine in the hotel’s spectacular Quod restaurant, including European classics using fresh British ingredients.

The Randolph Hotel


Next on our list of best hotels in Oxford is The Randolph Hotel, located on Beaumont Street. This hotel is 5 star, offering one of the best stays in Oxford city, a fantastic city vacation. This stunning hotel is inspired by the history of the University of Oxford so expect unique and historic designs down every hallway. The Randolph hotel includes a wellness where you can relax and unwind, fantastic dining areas and quirky bars serving a range of cocktails and drinks.

Cotswold Lodge Hotel


The Cotswold Lodge Hotel is a 4 star hotel, located on Banbury Road in the heart of Oxford. It’s a family run hotel, featuring a Victorian mansion with remarkable historic features. You can choose from a range of rooms, including the modern standards rooms, Victorian feature rooms and the stylish Merton Suite. In addition, you can top off your stay with a bite to eat and drink in their award winning restaurant!

Voco Oxford Thames Hotel


Next on our list is the stunning Voco Oxford Thames Hotel, located near Oxford city centre. This hotel offers a one in a kind luxury stay with comfortable and snug hotel rooms including a fresh and modern design. You can choose from a range of rooms such as kingsize, twin, Queen, King overlooking the river and more, ensuring the room you choose suits you and your tastes. In addition, this hotel offers a gym and indoor pool area, as well as a tasty restaurant to satisfy your hunger.

Malmaison Oxford


Last on our list is the Malmaison, a popular hotel destination around the UK, located only a 1 minute walk from Oxford Castle. The Malmaison is a stylish, boutique 4 star hotel, including a range of fantastic rooms and suites. You can dine in their fabulous contemporary style restaurant and grab a drink in their neon-lit bar. An ideal stay in Oxford city.

Overview of Best Hotels in Oxford

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