Oxford Attractions

Greetings to Oxford Attractions! Here, we are excited to unveil a collection of the finest attractions in and around Oxford city, ensuring that your next visit is brimming with captivating experiences. This comprehensive guide spans from renowned landmarks to historical architectural gems and lively hotspots. Our aim is to provide you with an all-encompassing resource that enriches your Oxford journey. Embark on a delightful exploration with our Oxford Attractions guide, and let the adventure commence.

The Radcliffe Camera


The Radcliffe Camera is located at Oxford University, an iconic landmark of Oxford as well as a well-known library. It’s known that in 1737,  Dr John Radcliffe (The most successful Physician in England) gave money to build The Radcliffe Camera, hence the reason for its name. To this day the Radcliffe Camera is used as the main reading room of the University, a stunning building in Oxford and a must visit when heading to the city.

The Bodleian Libraries

the-bodleian-libraries-Oxford Attractions

Next on our list of Oxford Attractions in the Bodleian Libraries, one of the oldest libraries in the whole of Europe and the largest academic library system in the UK. Impressive right? These libraries are a renowned tourist attraction, home to the University of Oxford and are also used for stunning wedding events. Here you can explore the gorgeous architecture history and view free exhibitions. A great day out in Oxford.

The Ashmolean

the-ashmolean-Oxford Attractions

The Ashmolean Museum is another popular one on our list of Oxford Attractions, renowned for being Britain’s first public museum. Inside you will find a range of fascinating displays and exhibitions, including art and archaeology such as contemporary art, Egyptian mummies and historic human culture. It’s a superb place to explore in the city.

Pitt Rivers Museum


Next up we have another museum, The Pitt Rivers Museum, located at the East of Oxford University. This museum is surprisingly free, open to the public! Inside you can find virtual tours, events, displays and exhibitions, including history, culture and Anthropology. A great opportunity to learn and discover. 

Punting down the River


Moving on on our list of Oxford Attractions is Punting down the River. Here you can hire punters as well as rowing boats or peddlers, to have a fun exciting day on Oxford’s gorgeous river. In addition, if you prefer to have the work done for you, you can sit back and relax whilst you get chauffeured down the river. You can also pay for a picnic hamper to be added on or take your own!

Oxford’s Theatrical Ghost Trail


Next on our list is the Oxford’s Theatrical Ghost Trail, a highly imperative ghost trail full of fantastic entertainment along the way. Here you can enjoy a one hour and 45 minutes long ghost trail, a spooky yet thrilling experience in Oxford city. It’s also family friendly meaning friends or family, you’ll sure have fun.

Harry Potter Location Tour


The Harry Potter Location Tour is a popular attraction in the city of Oxford, especially for those who are Harry Potter mad. You can walk through the mysterious buildings from Harry Potter, discovering the magical sets that have been shown in the Harry Potter films. You can also buy your own personal wand, making the Harry Potter Tour complete!

Modern Art Oxford


Next on our list of Oxford Attractions is Modern Art Oxford, located in the heart of Oxford with easy walking access. This attraction is a unique, contemporary art space, recognised as one of the UK’s leading contemporary art spaces. It’s free to the public, meaning it’s a great opportunity if you’re trying to save your money. Inside you will find exciting and fascinating art displays and exhibitions, allowing you to get creative and learn about the art all over the walls.

Oxford Castle and Prison


Finally, we present Oxford Castle and Prison, an ancient fortress nestled in the heart of Oxford city. Immerse yourself in the rich history of this castle and prison, spanning nearly a millennium. Engage in guided tours led by knowledgeable guides, who weave captivating narratives throughout the journey. This presents an excellent chance to delve into the historical architecture, gaining insights into Oxford’s past, including tales of the most notorious criminals who once inhabited the prison. Explore the depths of time as you discover the intriguing stories behind Oxford Castle and Prison’s compelling legacy.

Overview of Oxford Attractions

We hope you enjoyed discovering some of the top Oxford Attractions in and around the gorgeous city. For now, head over to our socials to keep up to date whenever we post exciting new Enjoy Oxford content.